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Halloween at The Children’s Art School

Our Intermediate and senior groups really outshone themselves with this fantastic Halloween big draw!

Using themselves (by drawing around each other) they used light and dark to create these skeletal/ghostly figures:


Seniors started adding an accessory here and there!!


…so far at Byram Arcade…

Only 6 weeks in to our residency and we are loving working with Huddersfield children in our studio at Byram Arcade.

So far we have created a cardboard town…

…with roads and buses….

….created wonderful paintings of the Huddersfield town centre exploring architectural  shapes and colours….

…. made charcoal drawings of the cardboard town created in the studio, exploring form and perspective…

…. made artwork about Huddersfield’s parks  using printing, painting and collage

….created bird masks of birds you might see in Huddersfield like jackdaws and waxwings  (famously spotted near Tescos!)

…..and made wearable tractors to mow the parks lawns!

THEN we all got excited about the dragon who once lived at Castle Hill…


Intermediates and Seniors started a BIG drawing of castle hill..

and everyone enjoyed exploring paint to create dragon skin

and making dragons out of clay…

we’ll be making wearable dragon masks and wings in the coming weeks and adding buildings, dragons and other creatures to the big drawing…. watch this space… or come and join in!

Look at our BIG DRAW!

Look at what happened to our BIG DRAW!

The Children’s Art School event for the BIG DRAW started on September 30th… and went on for over 8 weeks! Here’s what happened:

Wednesday art club started it off by creating a wall by using pencils to make a rubbing of the wall beneath the paper.

Then they drew around each other to create trees:






Next was Little Art Clubs turn… Using drawing to create lovely printed textures and then ripping the drawings up to create feathers for owls who will live in the big drawing…



Then all the Saturday Art School groups got stuck in.. more trees, more owls, creating stick men with sticks and adding characters into the drawing ..



big kids

owlsss owlss


Then the public came in and added what they wanted to…


athina lawrie


Then it was Tuesday Juniors turn to be trees..






THEN Upperthong school came to join in… and when they left the srawing looked like this:



THEN year 4 from Honley Juniors come to have a go.. and added brilliantly observed stick men…



and THEN Saturday Art School seniors decided to bring the stick men out of the drawing and made them 3D…

3d 3d 4

stick men

 3d 3

and then we created  stick  men animations!:

…and Little Art club used the drawing as a backdrop to explore Where the Wild Things Are!


little wild

FANTASTIC… a big draw thanks to everyone who contributed…it looks amazing!