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Ebb and Flow paintings

Ebb and Flow paintings installed!

The paintings for our Ebb and Flow project have been installed along the river wall underneath the Picturedrome..and they look amazing!

going up

They were up just in time for the Holmfirth Folk Festival  so have been seen by thousands of people!

The river area in the centre of Holmfirth is an area that residents and local businesses have been keen to imprprove. The paintings will be in place for at least 6 months thanks to Peter Carr at the Picturedrome.up

Ebb and Flow Finale

What an amazing end to our Ebb and Flow project! Our young artists (11-13 years old), having produced the most wonderful drawings and paintings, took part in a ‘happening’ which combined projections of the artworks with improvised music, sound and readings of their flow of consciousness poems.




Led by the amazing Charlotte Watson and Victoria Garbutt the participants really engaged in the experience and blew us away with their ability to develop the connections between their visuals and with spoken word and music.

Ebb and Flow paintings

EBB and FLOW continued…

 The paintings for this project are now finished and they are WONDERFUL!


A group of  10-13 yr olds have, in only 6 weekly sessions,  experimented with materials and concept in order to create large scale paintings to be hung along the river wall in the centre of Holmfirth.

12          9

Our young artists met John Holt, an artist who is particularly interested in the concept of Flow.  They explored the fluidity of paint through pouring, splashing and  spontaneous/accidental mark making. They selected marks, drips and splashes to repeat and apply in a more controlled way. They used drawing to explore ‘flow maps’ and connect accidental marks and drips. They explored colour and applied an understanding of colour theory.

Alongside the visual explorations the young artists have explored words and developed poetry through streams of consciousness with performance poet Victoria Garbutt and have explored sound and rhythm in response to their drawings, paintings and poetry with musician Charlotte Watson.

The young artists have shown themselves to be really open to new and sophisticated ideas and have embraced the spontaneous elements of the creative process allowing themselves to discover and exploit the potential of the accidental and uncontrolled and they have learnt to make creative decisions about these discoveries.

I am so proud of all they have achieved:

 11   3

4   5

10   6


We have one week left when, using projections of the paintings, perfomances of the poems and music, the young people will take part in creating an art installation.

The paintings will be exhibited  in the centre of Holmfirth along the river wall for several months and will be a fantastic visual addition to Holmfirth.

A big thank you to Art in the Neighbourhood (Kirklees) and Arts Council England for the funding for this project.