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city project

City Project

Over the last few weeks we have been creating a city in the studio.

First there were the big prints and collages by Little Art Club and Junior Art clubs. They imagined  skyscrapers and drew their own houses using monoprint techniques.


Juniors and Intermediates explored the idea of a city skyline using monoprinting techniques:

8 9

Then Little Art Club, Juniors and Intermediates started building skyscrapers with cardboard boxes and tubes:



and then explored how to create concrete colours by mixing primary colours.

Colourful chimneys were added!


Our Monday evening drawing class started the big drawing…

6 5

and the city started to take shape…


Little Art Club loved creating roads and buses to drive about the city…



city gang

The cardboard city has made a great subject for learning about perspective…



and then applying it on a large scale…


now the city is almost finished our young artists are developing monsters who are going to start to inhabit… and even destroy the city….watch this space!!


More Tentacles!

The tentacles theme is proving a real hit!

Everyone loves drawing a tentacle! From our pre-schoolers to our older teenagers and adults at Monday evenings drawing class.

Little Art Club have been using this theme to explore  circles. They made paper plate octopuses and used bottle tops to print suckers onto their tentacles. They practiced drawing and cutting out circles for spots and eyes..


  Then we printed with bubble wrap….


…layered with collage…

5 6

…printed with stencils…


…created texture through mark making…


…and put it all together to make this GORGEOUS piece!:


Little Mermaid

All our artists have been making 3D props for a local pantomime production of The Little Mermaid:

Little Art Club and Saturday Juniors created Octopuses…

octopus in making



And this gorgeous, enormous, 2D whale:


Whilst Intermediate and Juniors created  amazing 3D whales using just newspaper, masking tape and Kitchen roll:

whale1 whale2 whale3 octopus1

Everyone from our 2 year olds to our 16 year olds created papier mache fish to create a fabulous shoal of 50 colourful sea creatures: