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Creature Carnival Parade

WOW! What an amazing day!
We are so proud to have been a part of the Holmfirth Arts Festival Creature Carnival Parade..

The Children’s Art School provided the ‘Bird’ section of the parade- here they all are pre-parade but ready to go!!


Little Art Club and Juniors were ducklings hatching out of eggs:




Whilst their grown ups were brilliant as  parent ducks!




Our intermediate and senior groups were  jackdaws..



With seniors helping to create the 2 large jackdaw puppets..



36 37


as well as this enormous and beautiful heron ( with a little help from the fabulous Handmade Parade of Hebden Bridge of course!)





Each group adopted their own special moves for the parade.. here’s the herons being herons…!


and here’s our Wednesday after school group in their amazing 3D ducks and masks…



I am so proud that we were a part of the parade. It gave our young artists a chance to show off their skills and to be an inherent part of a live creative event that was inclusive, exciting and spectacular. It drew people together in the most wonderful way and there was no-one who was involved (participant or spectator) that wasn’t blown away by it! I particularly loved how the usually self-conscious teenagers forgot to be embarrassed and were as swept up in the event as everyone else and were thrilled to get the opportunity to parade around the ring at the finale at Sands.

A big well done and thank you to everyone involved and for all our children, young people and parents who so willingly came on board and put in loads of hard work…

….see you there next year I hope!

(you can see a film of the parade here: )




Creature Carnival

Creature Carnival- Holmfirth Arts Festival 2016


The Holmfirth Arts Festival is nearly here!

We are so pleased to be part of it again this year

We will be helping to create a Creature Carnival inspired by the story of Holmfirth’s Fenella the Tiger. This carnival will see wild and wonderful creatures on the streets of Holmfirth again!

We will be working with Handmade Parade of Hebden Bridge:

The Children’s Art School has been given the category of birds so our older groups  have been busy designing and creating bird masks :


8 1



Do come and join us! the public workshops are completely free and you don’t have to book! Let’s make Holmfirth a spectacualr Creature Carnival!

Public workshops:

5th June 2pm – 5pm
10th June 4pm – 6:30pm
12th June 2pm – 5pm
16th June 4pm – 6:30pm




Holmfirth Arts Festival-finale!

Big thanks to Holmfirth Arts Festival!

The Owd Towser was the perfect place for the installation of  The 180  Boggards and Jenny Green teeth puppets made by local 8-14 year olds! The project has not only engaged children with the Arts through making, music and poetry but has also engaged them with local history .

A final interactive performance by Charlotte and Victoria was the icing on the cake!







Sound track for Holmfirth Arts Festival

Holmfirth Arts Festival

Installation update

Wow! wow! wow!

I heard the sound track today which Charlotte Watson has created for the installation at the Owd Towser……its amazing!!

Made entirely of recordings  of the children at the schools we visited the soundtrack layers the children’s voices saying words and phrases they have used to describe their Jenny Greenteeth or Boggard puppet.

Charlottes cello can also be heard amongst the voices and at times the vocals and the notes build together to  create frightening  and crescendos.  Rhythms created by the children with sticks are also in the mix and some really great voices the children have created for their character.

Hearing the soundtrack in the Owd Towser really brought the puppets to life…and created a truly eery atmosphere!

Come and see it if you dare!

Opens this Friday 12th June  at 4pm

for more info visit www.holmfirth

Wanted posters for Holmfirth Arts Festival

Wanted posters for Holmfirth Arts Festival…

look out for them around Holmfirth during the Arts Festival

wanted words4

Our Senior Art Clubs and the Arts Award students have been busy drawing mug-shots of the dastardly Holmfirth boggard to be used in Wanted posters for the Holmfirth Arts Festival.


mug shots

Using charcoal and rubbers and exploring light and shade the students drew from their puppets to create mug-shots…

drawing mugshots

drawing mugshots2 drawing mugshots3

mug ruby



Using coffee stained paper as a background the students attached their drawings and used hand made stamps to print the word ‘WANTED’ ‘REWARD’ and ‘BOGGARD’

wanted words2

wanted words1 wanted words4

wanted words

Know someone who would love to make one of these posters?

Workshops are on June 14th at Back Lane Artspace. For more information and to book click on this link:

Holmfirth Arts Festival project update

Holmfirth Arts Festival….project update

Only a few days to go before the start of the Holmfirth Arts Festival so here’s a sneaky preview of the Jenny Greenteeth and Boggard puppets hanging in the Owd Towser…



Come and see it all finished and hear the amazing soundtrack …

soundtrack and puppets created by the children from

Scholes School, Farnley Tyas School, Netherthong School, Upperthong School, Holmfirth JI and N School and The Children’s Art School.

Opening times are

Friday 12 June 4pm – 6pm

Saturday 13 June: 1pm – 4pm

Sunday 14 June: 9.30am – 2pm

Friday 19 June: 4pm – 6pm

Saturday 20 June: 10am – 4pm with a special free performance from 12.30pm – 1.30pm – see below

Sunday 21 June: 1pm – 4pm

On Saturday 20 June, from 1.30pm – 2.30pm, the installation will be brought to life with a performance based on poetry written during the project, with performance poet Victoria and Charlotte on cello. There will be opportunities for audience participation with percussion, voices and even some dressing up. Please join us!

Holmfirth Arts Festival




This project sees 200 local children imagining local folklore characters, Jenny greenteeth and the Holmfirth boggard.



Artist Chloe Williams,  musician Charlotte Watson and poet Victoria Garbutt have  worked with 5 local schools and children at The Children’s Art School to create 200 puppet heads and to write and record chants and rhythms to create an installation in Homfirth’s old prison- the’Owd Towser.

The children were introduced to Jenny Greenteeth through a poem written by Victoria Garbutt..


and to the Holmfirth Boggard through this film by Philip Lofas, created for the first Holmfirth Film Festival,

The Children imagined and created puppets using screwed up newspaper and masking tape







Inspired by  Charlottes beautiful cello soundscapes and Victorias poetry the children explored words and rhythms to describe their puppets


Chants and rhythms were recorded to be used as part of the final installation.


Look out for these hideous naughty characters incarcerated in the Owd Towser throughout the Holmfirth Arts Festival.

And you can catch Charlotte and Victoria performing live music and poetry on Sunday 21st June