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Halloween at The Children’s Art School

Our Intermediate and senior groups really outshone themselves with this fantastic Halloween big draw!

Using themselves (by drawing around each other) they used light and dark to create these skeletal/ghostly figures:


Seniors started adding an accessory here and there!!



What a great project this has been! Building, painting, drawing, collaging and printing robots…

 Everyone has really loved it! Little Art Club made robots…

Painted robots..

and created dramatic backdrops for the robots..

Juniors made robots,

painted robots….

drew their robots….

created dramatic skies…

made a fabulous collage of their robots…

and created their own stamps to make these lovely prints.

Intermediates made robots….

Painted robots…..

drew their robots

and created these prints of their robots.

Seniors made robots…

drew from their robots…

and explored composition, perspective and light and dark to create these fantastic paintings..

…so far at Byram Arcade…

Only 6 weeks in to our residency and we are loving working with Huddersfield children in our studio at Byram Arcade.

So far we have created a cardboard town…

…with roads and buses….

….created wonderful paintings of the Huddersfield town centre exploring architectural  shapes and colours….

…. made charcoal drawings of the cardboard town created in the studio, exploring form and perspective…

…. made artwork about Huddersfield’s parks  using printing, painting and collage

….created bird masks of birds you might see in Huddersfield like jackdaws and waxwings  (famously spotted near Tescos!)

…..and made wearable tractors to mow the parks lawns!

THEN we all got excited about the dragon who once lived at Castle Hill…


Intermediates and Seniors started a BIG drawing of castle hill..

and everyone enjoyed exploring paint to create dragon skin

and making dragons out of clay…

we’ll be making wearable dragon masks and wings in the coming weeks and adding buildings, dragons and other creatures to the big drawing…. watch this space… or come and join in!

Byram Arcade

Byram Arcade, here we come!

Our 6 month residency at Byram Arcade, Huddersfield starts 23rd January 2017.

Read more about it here:

This is the timetable:

Booking is essential.  It’s a half termly sign up (we follow the school terms). There are only 4 weeks in that first block. We ask for payment for the half term at the first session or it can be paid by BACS.

for more information click here

Holmfirth Christmas Parade

Another lovely project  for our children and young people- the Holmfith Christmas parade takes place on 26th November at 4.30 and will be shimmering and glittering with gorgeous icy crowns, Jack Frost masks and wonderful capes depicting wintery scenes.

The children and young people have embraced the opportunity to create sculpted wearables and to represent winter through shape, colour, form, imagery and surface.


15032197_945451072226815_7238933335159056847_n 14729275_923819297723326_5480717106608646147_n 8-copy

Our pre-school children relished painting on the cloaks and needed no direction to explore different ways of applying the paint:

1 8jpg 2 3 7

Whilst our Drawing for teenagers group made some fantastic drawings of the Jack Frost masks:

14947522_945444668894122_2713521401892479796_n 1
Our 11-16yr olds took a range of approaches to painting their cloaks  abstract, patterned, traditional:


2-copy 6-copy 4-copy 5-copy 7-copy 8-copy

A great project to unleash individual creativity but to also create a wonderful sense of joint purpose and common goals….  Can’t wait to see how the costumes will look when all the children and parents parade together through Holmfirth…look out for our Jack Frosts glowing eyes!


The Children’s Art School is expanding into Huddersfield town centre bringing more opportunities for hands-on creativity to more children and young people in Kirklees.

We are very pleased to announce that we have secured funding from Kirklees Councils Arts in the Neighbourhood scheme for a 6 month residency in Huddersfield’s Byram Arcade starting in January 2017.

The organisation already provides art clubs and workshops for children and young people as well as creative days for school groups in their studios at Hope Bank Works, Honley.  ‘We aim to promote and provide high quality art education for children of all ages’ says Director Chloe Williams. ‘From our Little Art Club for 2-4 year olds to our Drawing Course for teenagers and adults we have art clubs and workshops for children and young people of all ages’.

The organisation became a registered charity in May 2015 and now has 70 children a week taking part in regular hands on, creative activities.

What did your children make with their hands today?

“We are committed to promoting the value of art education for developing innovative and creative thinking skills and for developing self-confidence and well-being in our children and young people. There is an increasing concern about the amount of time our children and young people spend on screens and how they are less and less connected to their physical world.’”

Chloe says she is concerned about the myth that art education is unimportant and has no purpose. “Art education is a crucial part in the ongoing success of our creative industries. The Children’s Art School aims to unlock children’s creative potential, practical capabilities and individual problem solving skills necessary for designing, making, innovation and manufacturing.”
Chloe stresses that Art Education is not about encouraging all children to become artists or designers (although the creative industries do generate £8 million per hour and is the fastest growing sector of the British economy) but is also about equipping children with creative thinking skills that will enable them to be successful in all areas of their lives and in any career.

The 6 month residency at Byram Arcade will focus on working with local children and young people from age 3-16yrs to create a range of 2D and 3D collaborative art works which explore the history, culture and visual environment of Huddersfield, a town shaped by the creative industries. Art works created will be exhibited in a variety of spaces around Huddersfield. Earlier this year the organisation was responsible for creating paintings which now hang along the river in Holmfirth and were part of the team that created the visually spectacular Holmfirth Arts Festival Creature Carnival Parade.

“We are really excited to be setting up a space in the beautiful Byram Arcade, where we are sure creativity will flourish.”

The clubs to be offered at Byram Arcade include Little Art Club (2-4year olds), Junior Art Club (5-7yr olds) Intermediate Art Club (9-11yr olds) and Senior Art Club (12-16year olds). Some clubs will be after school and some will be part of the Saturday Art School. There will also be workshops in the school holidays.

If you are interested in what The Children’s Art School can offer your children or if you want to book a place on one of their clubs you can contact us via email- or through social media at   or @artinholmfirth.



Creature Carnival Parade

WOW! What an amazing day!
We are so proud to have been a part of the Holmfirth Arts Festival Creature Carnival Parade..

The Children’s Art School provided the ‘Bird’ section of the parade- here they all are pre-parade but ready to go!!


Little Art Club and Juniors were ducklings hatching out of eggs:




Whilst their grown ups were brilliant as  parent ducks!




Our intermediate and senior groups were  jackdaws..



With seniors helping to create the 2 large jackdaw puppets..



36 37


as well as this enormous and beautiful heron ( with a little help from the fabulous Handmade Parade of Hebden Bridge of course!)





Each group adopted their own special moves for the parade.. here’s the herons being herons…!


and here’s our Wednesday after school group in their amazing 3D ducks and masks…



I am so proud that we were a part of the parade. It gave our young artists a chance to show off their skills and to be an inherent part of a live creative event that was inclusive, exciting and spectacular. It drew people together in the most wonderful way and there was no-one who was involved (participant or spectator) that wasn’t blown away by it! I particularly loved how the usually self-conscious teenagers forgot to be embarrassed and were as swept up in the event as everyone else and were thrilled to get the opportunity to parade around the ring at the finale at Sands.

A big well done and thank you to everyone involved and for all our children, young people and parents who so willingly came on board and put in loads of hard work…

….see you there next year I hope!

(you can see a film of the parade here: )




Ebb and Flow paintings

EBB and FLOW continued…

 The paintings for this project are now finished and they are WONDERFUL!


A group of  10-13 yr olds have, in only 6 weekly sessions,  experimented with materials and concept in order to create large scale paintings to be hung along the river wall in the centre of Holmfirth.

12          9

Our young artists met John Holt, an artist who is particularly interested in the concept of Flow.  They explored the fluidity of paint through pouring, splashing and  spontaneous/accidental mark making. They selected marks, drips and splashes to repeat and apply in a more controlled way. They used drawing to explore ‘flow maps’ and connect accidental marks and drips. They explored colour and applied an understanding of colour theory.

Alongside the visual explorations the young artists have explored words and developed poetry through streams of consciousness with performance poet Victoria Garbutt and have explored sound and rhythm in response to their drawings, paintings and poetry with musician Charlotte Watson.

The young artists have shown themselves to be really open to new and sophisticated ideas and have embraced the spontaneous elements of the creative process allowing themselves to discover and exploit the potential of the accidental and uncontrolled and they have learnt to make creative decisions about these discoveries.

I am so proud of all they have achieved:

 11   3

4   5

10   6


We have one week left when, using projections of the paintings, perfomances of the poems and music, the young people will take part in creating an art installation.

The paintings will be exhibited  in the centre of Holmfirth along the river wall for several months and will be a fantastic visual addition to Holmfirth.

A big thank you to Art in the Neighbourhood (Kirklees) and Arts Council England for the funding for this project.


Inspired by the sea theme of The Little Mermaid our current project is using octopus tentacles to teach how to use use light and shade to create the illusion of 3D..This is going to be a really fun project for all our groups and teach them really valuable drawing skills…



Our big drawing of a forest by the last school class to visit is changing into an underwater world…an octopuses garden! Our artists can apply their new skills to a large scale piece and make their tentacles weave in and out of our kelp forest..